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Joy of Spa News: The Art of Mothering (Ready for you to personalize!)

April 23rd, 2013 • Posted by Stephany Toman • Permalink

Joy of Spa News: The Art of Mothering, is now ready for you to personalize. Feel free to play with the introduction if you'd like; it's all about ensuring your brand and message are absolutely perfect everywhere you place them!

The introduction, as we've written it:
Mothering takes many shapes and forms, and we tip our hats to all women who embrace that special nurturing aspect of themselves that allows for great love to be shared and joy to be felt by millions around the world. Happy Mother's Day, and may your warmth and caring flow freely in any direction you choose! Team Joy

This year's Mother's Day edition of Joy of Spa News explores the many faces of mothering, and how to show those nurturing women in your life some loving appreciation of your own via great services of salon and spa! This edition will launch over a three day period, May 2nd-4th, unless you've opted to change the date it goes out. Be sure to make any changes prior to that date! (And be sure to send yourself a test email after making any edits, and remember that Events that encompass the date on which your email is sent will be included in the email as well.)

Note: The new articles that accompany this edition of the Joy of Spa News will appear magically before it goes out to your clients, even if you can't see them in their entirety when you send yourself a test email. No worries, they'll be in place! We promise! If the newsletter looks really weird, let us know and we'll fix you right up.

We highly recommend creating promotions and service packages designed with Moms in mind. Pampering wraps, lovely color/style packages, aromatherapy massage treats – whatever you can conjure, you should – to provide gift seekers the absolutely perfect gifts!

Remember, the Joy of Spa News is branded with your spa's logo and when your client clicks to read more, the website is branded with your logo, too!

Not yet signed up to send a beautiful, branded newsletter to your clients on a regular basis? Now is your time to get onboard! Go to Setup, Basics to put Joy of Spa to work for your spa. (As always, give us a call if you need help turning on the Joy!)

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Small Tweaks for Big GC Sales, Every Holiday

April 8th, 2013 • Posted by Stephany Toman • Permalink

It doesn't take a lot of work to really increase your Instant Gift Certificate sales, it really doesn't. Watch for a few simple ways to ensure you maximize your sales each gift giving opportunity.

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All that AND a bag of chips

April 1st, 2013 • Posted by Stephany Toman • Permalink

Selling beautiful, branded Instant Gift Certificates on your website, and via Facebook, is a great place to start. But we've never been happy with just the basics, and thought we should mention the other great tools you get with your SpaBoom Instant Gift Certificates. All of these are about keeping you in touch with your clients and generating significant revenue as a result.

Just know that SpaBoom has helped our clients generate over $175 million in sales, and our average client boosts their gift certificate sales by 35% in their first year using our service.

How we help:

  • Customized Instant Gift Certificate Page
    We create a page for your website that's yours and yours alone, with your branding right where it needs to be – front and center, and on every single Instant Gift Certificate that sells!
  • Lot of Instant Gift Certificate designs
    Our library of Instant Gift Certificate designs is vast. Which means you have tons to choose from when it comes to selecting just the right designs for your business!
  • Customizable designs, too
    Have your own special look and feel that you'd like to use for your Instant Gift Certificates? Great! We'll share the specs so you can create exactly what you'd like, easy peasy.
  • Email campaigns
    Your SpaBoom Instant Gift Certificate service comes complete with email campaigns that fly, automatically, around gift-giving holidays every year. Automatically. And each of those emails contains a link back to your Instant Gift Certificate page for easy gift buying. This alone generates sales. We know this. It turns out people remember upcoming gifting needs when a pretty email with your logo and a nice link to your Instant Gift Certificate page shows up.
  • Events to promote your Instant Gift Certificates
    Telling the world that you sell great looking Instant Gift Certificates that they can purchase at their convenience, around the clock and when you're closed? A solid idea any day of the week, and an easy one to accomplish with Events designed to promote your gift certificates right on your website.
  • Facebook integration
    You're working hard to cultivate your social media relationships, right? The ability to have a nice page on Facebook, and let people know you're the very best choice for gift purchases is just another way to take advantage of your hard work and sell in the process. SpaBoom provides that for you.

The best part? We make it easy to use us. You pay just 5% commission after setup. No long-term contracts, no cancellation fees.

Being where your audience is – online, on mobile and social – is where you need to be. SpaBoom can make that easy and fast and a revenue-generating decision that you'll be happy you made!

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Who are you now?

March 25th, 2013 • Posted by Stephany Toman • Permalink

Have you taken time lately to assess your business, and compare it to where you were a year ago? Or even a few months ago?

From a marketing perspective, continually looking closely at who and what we are and how we've evolved is essential to keeping all of our messaging consistent and fresh. We grow and change more than we realize, sometimes, and doing so with specific goals in mind and strategies for adjusting means we can do so comfortably and gracefully.

Things you need to ask yourself on a regular basis:

  • Have we added a new service that's become a permanent offering? If so, have we added that to our service menu and any printed media that reflects services?
  • Have we shifted direction in any way? Become known for a particular offering or specialty? If so, have we mentioned that in emails, blog articles, social media and other outbound messaging? Have we updated our service menu accordingly?
  • Have we added to or changed our retail offerings? If so, do our clients all know our favorite product line(s) and why we feature them? People love to hear not just the what's of what you do, but the why's as well. You're experts, and your opinion matters. Which also means any change warrants mention in an email, on your website, on social media, and certainly on your blog. People look for news from you in different places; be sure you're reaching them in their individual information comfort zones.
  • Do we need to examine profitability and turn of our retail lines and adjust? Do we need to promote certain items more during services in order to move sluggish inventory? Do we need to discontinue items that simply do not appeal to our clientele? Look at your numbers, your average turn on retail, and on how you're promoting. You may find hidden opportunities using only the communication between your practitioners and clients that will help create awareness and generate sales. And yes, you knew I was going to say this, talk about it on your website, in emails, in blog articles, and in social media. Make your audience feel like it has the inside track when it comes to info on your products. People like that.

Managing a spa or salon, or running a solo practitioner operation takes energy, creativity, passion and drive. Honest self-assessments work in all aspects of your operation, and small adjustments can mean big improvements on the face that you show your clients as well as the financial health of your business.

Take the time to reflect, and we'll bet you'll be pleased with the results.

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Your Very Own Mobile App Is Coming!

March 18th, 2013 • Posted by Janell Loving • Permalink

Did you know that there are 165M handheld devices out there now? That's a whole lot of smart phones and tablets serving to connect people with their world. And if you think about that number relative to say, 2 years ago, it's a bit shocking.

Who knew that the internet and mobile accessibility would change how we connect, live and work so completely in such a short time? Well, in all fairness, Steve Jobs (may he rest in peace) and Mark Zuckerberg did, but we can't all see their version of the future.

Since mobile accessibility clearly isn't going away, we've got a great marketing tool for your business to reach out — a mobile app for your spa or salon. You'll be able to easily connect with all of those device users, and make that connection work for your business.

What you'll be able to do, out of the gate:

  • Promote specials and events directly to your clients
  • Promote your featured service or specialty treatments in a location that allows for purchasing on the spot
  • Offer up convenient booking or request appointments accessibility
  • Serve up easy blog article access
  • Make it convenient to purchase Instant Gift Certificates directly on the smartphone or tablet

Doesn't that sound perfect, especially if you don't have to do anything to make those things happen? Just know, we’ve got your app on the way! SpaBoom is getting set to deliver the best mobile spa/salon app around!

Why? Because our experience in the spa and salon industry makes us very good at knowing what spas and salons need. And our success with thousands of marketing campaigns helps us predict what consumers are expecting.

We are in the final phase of development and would love to hear any suggestions you have regarding feature requests for the SpaBoom mobile app, or what we're fondly referring to as – Our little 'SpaBaby'.

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What if Dilbert came to your spa?

February 20th, 2013 • Posted by Bill Bice • Permalink

Well, not necessarily Dilbert the cartoon character, but Scott Adams, Dilbert's creator. Scott recently described his experience of shopping at Safeway:

I start looking for cheese, only to discover that some genius in Safeway's marketing department thinks that cheese should be spread out over about seven different locations throughout the store … When I'm ready to pay, I see long lines at the human checkout stands and short lines at the self-checkout. I know from experience that using the self-checkout, which was designed by a crack team of practical jokers, sadists, and monkeys that have been abused by their trainers, will bring me to frustration.

Scott goes through each step of the buying experience, with his unique perspective on the frustration of each. It's funny, because we've all had the same horrible experiences. In the end:

By the time I reach my car I feel frustrated, angry, guilty, stupid, incompetent, belittled, weak, humiliated, ripped off, and inconvenienced. The feeling lasts until I get home and my wife says, "That's the wrong cheese." That feeling pretty much replaces all the other ones.

He's doing all of this to make a point:

Loyalty cards, self-checkout, and all the other annoyances make complete sense when viewed in isolation. But we don't live in a world in which anything can exist in isolation. Safeway and my city government have made the simple act of food shopping so complicated that I'd rather scrounge in the dumpster behind the store than endure the pain of shopping inside the store.

As an aside, I need to say right away that I'm not trying to convince you to not run a loyalty program. It's actually one of the easiest things a spa can do to drive additional business. It should just be a simple, frustration-free experience.

Now, back to our main line of thought. Scott's experience can be a great boon for the spa industry, because I can think of no better antidote to his frustrations than a great stress-relieving massage. But before Scott walks up to your front desk, you might want to consider: are there any frustrations that he would write about after visiting my spa? Decisions, that in isolation, make sense, but in the context of the whole spa experience do not?

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How Elysium Salon & Spa Got 2,256 Fans

February 18th, 2013 • Posted by Debie Radcliff • Permalink

SpaBoomer Elysium Salon & Day Spa in Duluth, Minnesota uses SpaBoom Facebook Sweepstakes to grow their fan base.

Elysium offered a Valentine's Day sweepstakes on their Facebook business page for two free facials and allowed their customers to enter the sweepstakes from Wednesday, February 6th through Tuesday, February 12th. During that time, they had 169 entries. The 169 people that joined their sweepstakes invited 150 of their friends to enter their sweepstakes as well.

Sherri Moyle, the owner of Elysium Salon & Day Spa, said that she is thrilled with all of her new fans:

We love the SpaBoom Sweepstakes; we run them all the time. We also used the Facebook post promotion capabilities and were able to reach even more of our clients. We're planning on running another sweepstakes soon for a massage; our clients love those!

When Elysium Salon & Day Spa started using the SpaBoom Marketing Suite in October of 2010, they did not even have a Facebook business page. Now, in just over two years, they have 2,256 fans — a significant audience with which to drive their marketing efforts.

Great job!

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3 Email Daemons

February 18th, 2013 • Posted by Stephany Toman • Permalink

Want great results with your email campaigns? Our tips will help you avoid pitfalls that interfere with great response. Tip #1, NEVER SHOUT IN A SUBJECT LINE!

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Be The Messenger Of Love

February 6th, 2013 • Posted by Janell Loving • Permalink

Every year, I talk with spa owners that want to know what they can do to enhance their exposure. As Valentine’s Day approaches, I thought I would share the top three things that I tell every owner without fail.

  • Be Authentic
    Authenticity is the number one thing that can take a brand and move it to the top, without fail. Every business has a unique experience to give, for some it is the way services are combined and delivered, the atmosphere, the latest star treatments, and the list goes on and on, but something that is the same – it’s in the details, and delivery of the experience that matters. Find the essence of your business and carry it through in every way possible.
  • Offer Value
    Regardless of the time of year, holiday or non-holiday message, consumers want value. Offer packages, specials or promotions that you would be excited to receive. Not just because of the service, but because of the value you see in the offer and because of the service that is being given.
  • Be The Solution
    Offer information, unique and amazing gift options, and exceptional service with your services. That is the perfect trifecta for any consumer.
    • Offer information that your consumers care about and that will create a relationship. An example of information delivery might be something as simple as ‘How to keep your body relaxed in between massages, or you hair radiant and gorgeous between visits.’ Incorporating your experience into the daily lives of your clients keeps you top of mind in a non-aggressive way.
    • Gifts are tokens of love, appreciation, congratulations and so much more, and as the economy has shifted the need to give a gift that matters has shifted as well. This is critical especially coming into Valentine’s Day.
    • Exceptional service carries the experience of the treatment to perfection. Think about the last time you had an amazing treatment and the customer service and delivery of the treatment was first class. Here’s the thing about that experience you just recalled — if you’ve had such an experience, you automatically remembered it. Which is the point. Exceptional service coupled with great treatments is what guarantees top of mind. People love to feel they have gotten the very best.

As you are thinking about what you can do for your business, Valentine’s Day is the perfect holiday to make sure that you are positioning your business for maximum exposure. Create the perfect experience, provide exceptional value for the services delivered, nurture the experience from start to finish, and you will be in the perfect position to develop a lasting relationship with your clients.

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Unsexy Name, Big Potential

January 28th, 2013 • Posted by Stephany Toman • Permalink

Facebook's new Graph Search (Beta) feature promises to be big for small businesses. Like as big as Google was for those people with the vision to create good websites early in the game. Seriously, it's a big deal and you need to pay attention!

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Call Me…Maybe?

January 24th, 2013 • Posted by Stephany Toman • Permalink

Your website needs to look good, no matter how your audience is accessing it. Experts predict that by 2016 the majority of searches will be done via a mobile device. We think it'll actually be sooner! Are you ready for that?

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Sexy, But Who Can Tell?

January 22nd, 2013 • Posted by Stephany Toman • Permalink

There's nothing worse than an out-of-date website. Be sure yours is always current and makes it easy for your visitors to get the right impression every time they visit!

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Watch Our Webinar for Your Best Year Ever in 2013!

January 17th, 2013 • Posted by Andrea Feucht • Permalink

Your business is on the up and up, year after year. 2013 will continue that trend by solidifying your brand, winning new clients, and bringing back old clients again and again. You are in control with SpaBoom's custom marketing system – just give us information about what makes your business unique and we'll build marketing campaigns every single month to keep folks coming in your doors.

Janell and Brad took everyone through a great tip session this week – follow along with the pdf slides, or just watch the video and give us a call!

Watch the video:

Download the presentation: 2013 Is Your Spa's Best Year Ever [PDF] Get Adobe® Reader®

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The Ease of SpaBoom's Custom Marketing System

January 16th, 2013 • Posted by Debie Radcliff • Permalink

Dawn Tardif is the founder and owner of BodiScience Wellness Center & Spa in Beverly, Massachusetts. Dawn’s business focuses on nurturing the mind, body, and spirit through holistic spa services and educating her clients about health and wellness.

We are not the typical spa. We don’t offer typical spa services or medi-spa services, so I wasn’t sure if the Custom Marketing System would work for us. However, after using it, I think the marketing is perfect for us.

Dawn realized to continue pursuing her passion of educating her clients and assisting them in maintaining their wellbeing, she did not have time to create her own marketing.

Like many small business owners, I don’t have time to create all of my own marketing. SpaBoom’s Custom Marketing System has helped put our message and branding in front of our customers. I can tell that SpaBoom has taken a lot into consideration when creating the marketing in the Custom Marketing System. There’s obviously been a lot of planning for the holiday and seasonal emails SpaBoom creates. I feel that SpaBoom takes into consideration how to reach the most customers and creates the right amount of emails so we aren’t sending too many.

When asking Dawn about what she thought of the implementation process, she said it was very easy.

Our project manager James was very knowledgeable and I enjoyed working with him. He helped me to utilize the program better. The Custom Marketing System is very easy to use. I think it’s great across the board; I love it. I think what you have done and what you have created is phenomenal. One of the things I really like about your company is that you have very professional people working for you who are very well trained. Every time I call, my issues get taken care of immediately. I am very impressed with your customer service. I always tell people how wonderful your company is. There’s a young lady named Michelle that has been with SpaBoom forever who is exceptional. I’ve complimented her on many occasions. She knows everything inside and out. Everyone at SpaBoom has been wonderful.

Overall, Dawn believes SpaBoom’s Custom Marketing System has benefited her business.

I feel very strongly that your company has been very beneficial with online gift certificate sales for me and the custom marketing has been exceptional. We may have only brought in 70% of gift certificate sales we’ve had if we hadn’t been using SpaBoom’s Custom Marketing System.

Call us today at (800) 940-0458 or email us to discover how SpaBoom can benefit your business!

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How SpaBoom Gave Me the Best Cyber-Monday Ever

December 21st, 2012 • Posted by Debie Radcliff • Permalink

Mickey Schneider and her husband are the founders and owners of Dubunné Spa Club & Massage Centre in Torrance, California. Mickey became a SpaBoom client in July 2012 when she realized she was using several companies to run her business.

I was doing blogging, gift certificates, reviews, emails, and booking all through separate companies.  I decided to go with SpaBoom because I found the administrative side of my gift certificate program burdensome and because I was using too many separate programs.

Mickey began using SpaBoom’s Custom Marketing System to increase her business’s gift certificate sales and to decrease the number of programs she was using.

I never thought Cyber Monday was something for my business. I thought that Cyber Monday was for businesses that only sold goods. I didn’t even pursue it as hard as I could have and I sold over $5600 in gift certificate sales on Cyber Monday alone. I only sold $105 in gift certificates the previous year before I began using SpaBoom.

Mickey mentioned how SpaBoom’s marketing tools have helped her particular business.

I like the Custom Marketing campaigns that SpaBoom creates very much. The Daily Deals, the Sweepstakes, and the specials, offer a lot of variety. I love the sweepstakes. Last year I ran a sweepstakes with another company and it didn’t work with my clients’ phones. This year, the contest went much smoother using SpaBoom’s sweepstakes.

According to Mickey, implementing the Custom Marketing System was very easy to do.

I found it to be very easy, and my project manager Brad was fantastic. The training was excellent and you get really good value for your money. They don’t just dump you off on your own to figure out how to use the tools. Everyone there seems to care, like they are family.

Overall, Mickey said that she is very happy with SpaBoom’s services.

There’s so much of SpaBoom I haven’t even tapped into yet. You have to be able to offer clever incentives for your clients; SpaBoom does this for you. I pay a monthly fee for the Custom Marketing System and it’s so worth it. It’s much more sophisticated than other products you can buy. I’m looking forward to Valentine’s Day and Mother’s Day; they are two really big holidays for me. I feel that SpaBoom’s functionality is great and keeps you ahead of the curve.

Dubunné Spa Club & Massage Centre is just one of SpaBoom’s clients who have benefited from SpaBoom’s online Instant Gift Certificates and Custom Marketing System. Call us today at (800) 940-0458 or email us to discover how SpaBoom can increase your gift certificate sales and benefit your business!

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The Unforgettable Experience

December 5th, 2012 • Posted by Stephany Toman • Permalink

One of our contributing writers on Joy of Spa, Dana Cortez, recently summed up nicely for us why gifts of experience are wonderful:

There are numerous benefits to giving beauty, massage and spa gifts for people living full and hectic lives. With the busy lives of everyone today that means balancing work, caring for children and managing household duties, it is more important to alleviate the daily tensions as much as possible. Giving a gift that indulges and pampers someone shows someone in a unique and wonderful way that they’re special and deserve some tender loving care. More

Be sure you're reminding anyone in your spa or salon that gifts of massage, skin care, hair care, pampering, etc., are the very best gifts that everyone will truly cherish. Face it, we have never known anyone to allow gift certificates for the awesome services that you provide gather dust on a shelf or end up in a garage sale.

That said, design packages that will meet the gift-giving needs of your many types of gift buyers. Offering up a great stocking stuffer, midlevel, and premium package will help your gift buyers check off the lucky intended recipients on their lists while you enjoy a steady revenue boost this holiday.

A few ways to share the news that you've created special packages for the holidays:

  • Take advantage of the SpaBoom email marketing system and tell the world you've designed specials and packages just for the holiday.
  • Create an Event that updates your website with the same information.
  • Use our pretty Point of Purchase and place your creations around in house.
  • Write a quick blog article featuring your holiday packages, and send that out to Facebook and Twitter, so you get a lot of coverage for the time you spend creating the message.

A little creativity, a few minutes spent, and you'll be perfectly poised to please both gift buyers and gift recipients while you enjoy additional sales this holiday!

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SpaBoom Podcast: Speed Up December

November 30th, 2012 • Posted by Stephany Toman • Permalink

With just a little bit of creativity and focus you can bring people in, sell your products and services, and make new friends to boot!

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Self-Gifting and Online Shopping. Why you need to get super active online.

November 29th, 2012 • Posted by Stephany Toman • Permalink

Trends can work for or against us. In this case, the most recent data shows that SpaBoomers are uniquely positioned to benefit from 'self-gifting' and the dramatic increase in online searches and shopping that occurs around holidays.

It turns out when we're shopping for our loved ones, when we find a great deal (say a compelling spa package, easily bought in the form of one of your Instant Gift Certificates), we want to share that as a gift, and also with ourselves!

Seriously. 'One for you, one for me', takes on a whole new meaning in this framework!

So not only do we like to buy for ourselves when we buy for others, we are spending an extraordinary amount of time online, particularly around holidays. This is a good thing for SpaBoomers, and another behavior definitely worth considering as you develop more holiday marketing, don't you think? Email campaigns to your clients, Facebook Sweepstakes that entice gift buying while growing your email list, your website showcasing specials and events you've created with the holidays in mind, these all appeal to your gift buyers.

Trends can sometimes be simply ridiculous, but at others they can signify opportunity. So jump onboard this time, use your SpaBoom powers, and reach those self-giving online gift buyers this holiday!

What are you waiting for??

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Webinar on Your Top Ten Holiday Wins

November 15th, 2012 • Posted by Andrea Feucht • Permalink

Do you know how to easily increase your Instant Gift Certificate revenue and influence buying behavior for your spa? Janell and Debie have the top ten holiday marketing tips that you can do right now, to make that happen and create the best holiday season possible!

This Webinar was absolutely critical to getting started if you've been procrastinating on holiday marketing. Watch it and learn amazing tips that will make your business a sweet place over the holidays.

Watch the video:

Download the presentation: Your Holiday Top Ten for 2012 [PDF] Get Adobe® Reader®

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SpaBoom Podcast: Quick and Effective Cyber Monday Promos to Set Up Now!

November 12th, 2012 • Posted by Stephany Toman • Permalink

Cyber Monday means shoppers will be back at work and working down their holiday gift lists as they 'surf. Make their task a jolly one as they choose gifts of relaxation and nurturing this year!

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