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January 20th, 2011 • Posted by Andrea Feucht • Permalink

Thanks to all who attended our Addicted to Love webinar on Wednesday the 19th by the vivacious Janell Loving and Seth "let's talk about sexy yield management" Gardenswartz. Valentine's Day is fast approaching and you have time to make this one memorable for both your clients and your bottom line.

Love makes people spend over $17 billion each year for Valentines Day. Watch Seth and Janell share techniques to help your spa get its share. We will give you a comprehensive plan to satisfy the unrequited revenue needs of your spa and help people achieve relationship bliss.

Watch the Video: Addicted to Love

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  1. Suzanne says:

    Would you put the Be Mine $5 card that you showed in the slide presentation in the POP for us to use or in the pics section that we can choose when designing marketing? The pics that you use in the slide presentations and the email marketing sent to your SpaBoom clients are fantastic and would be great in the gallery that we use to design GC's and marketing. Great webinar as always!!! Thank you!!!

  2. Suzanne, thanks for the feedback. We thought that it was a great design, so we put it in your default Collateral pieces. You can see it in Marketing, Collateral, entitled "Signup Pad Portrait 2×2: Be My Valentine."

    All of the default text is already in there, and it will show YOUR logo when you print it. Let us know if you have any questions, and thanks!

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