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SpaBoom's new email templates were inspired by sophisticated and modern website themes recently created by our talented graphic designers.

Our new website themes demanded more modern and clean email marketing templates that give salons and spas additional options and extend brand continuity.

–Kevin Donnigan, SpaBoom graphic designer

The new templates are polished and designed to engage by allowing images to pop while seamlessly anchoring the email content. They also appeal to almost any color palette so they work with both subtle and bold backgrounds. The templates are more integrated, spas and salons can automatically include recent blog posts and relevant offers in the body of the email.

The best part? These new email design templates are also easy to access and set up in your account.

Simple and Big Templates:

Organic and Sleek Templates:

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  1. Mark says:

    They look wonderful, and I would love to use them, but I am reluctant to do so until you change your policy about letting me have the choice of double opt-in or not. It's a shame that I've been a happy customer of SpaBoom almost 5 years, and am very happy with all the other aspects of the service, yet don't feel comfortable using this email service. I can't, it would be suicide to my email campaign that I have worked hard to build. The reason being, is I have a very large email list that I send to that took us 5 years to accumulate, and everyone has already opted-in at least twice. I simply don't feel comfortable asking them to do it again. My regulars wouldn't even believe I was asking them to do it again, and would be shocked. Those who come in occasionally are potentially lost forever. I understand the argument for double opt-in, I really do, but I also believe that this is a decision that an informed business owner should be able to make on their own. Think about it. I have brought this issue up to SB in private, and understand the reasons why you might suggest double opt-ins, but I feel the requiring them for imported emails is very wrong. It saddens me that I cant use these beautiful new templates, and my accountant wonders why I have numerous programs that appear to do the same thing… but don't. For now, I keep separate unnamed programs for my constant email marketing contacts. I'd love to be able to realize the full value of the SpaBoom platform as a full served marketing suite. Maybe the great folks at SpaBoom might reconsider? Kudos for all you do, we are really happy with the website and instant gift certificates and I'd be stoked to move onward and really consider this my #1 full service marketing suite! Love you all, keep up the good work.

  2. I agree with Mark. With all this double opt-in going on it just makes your clients that more vulnerable to falling away and saying "oh I have enough coming to my mailbox, since they asked I will say no" and you've lost them. Ugh! I think the double opt-in thing is good for affiliate marketers and people who push the envelope, but in general for spa owners it should be the owners choice. Good things to consider!

  3. Dena Fuentes says:

    Mark and Alyssa,

    Thank you for your valuable feedback and we appreciate your comments. Our policy on importing existing lists has continued to evolve over time as we have daily conversions to our email marketing from other systems. We evaluate each import on a case-by-case basis to determine what methods were used to obtain the list, the prior opt-in process, the ease of opting out, etc. Keeping in compliance with the anti-spam laws keeps us off the black lists and your emails going. We care deeply about helping you talk to your clients.

    We will contact each of you to review your individual situations, but for those of you out there who are considering the switch to SpaBoom email marketing please don't hesitate to call or email us so we can chat about your current marketing methods.

  4. Anne-Marie says:

    I have the same problem as Mark and Alyssa, more than half of my clients are not been marketed to because of this opt in. They have already given me the ok to email them, an they are are not resoponding to this opt in feature, so basicly what is the point with using your full service. If my clients are not been reached? I got a better response with using constant contact. It has been over a year and no one has resond this opt in.
    This realy does not help my business.

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