Be My Valentine

January 24th, 2011 • Posted by Janell Loving • Permalink

Remember how fun it was to hand out Valentine's when we were kids? Well, we've created a little something for you to use with your clients to recreate that fun: a Valentine's Day referral card. Implement a referral program for your clients and give them a fun way to kick off the ability to be rewarded for their loyalty.

  • You can see the newest collateral piece for referrals if you have the integrated marketing suite package in SpaBoom.
  • In your SpaBoom Account click on the Marketing tab, and then click on 'Collateral' on the left hand side of the screen.
  • The Valentine's Day referral piece is ' Signup Pad Portrait 2×2: Be My Valentine'.
  • You may change the offer on the collateral piece to anything you would like to offer a new guest, or simply print it out on a color printer and use it as is.
  • As with all of your SpaBoom marketing collateral, the design will automatically pull in your logo from your setup.

What better way to show your clients just how amazing you think they are than by offering an special way for them to earn points by referring a friend.

Use this as a way to increase your client base and say thank you to your clients this Valentine's Day.

Watch your SpaBoom account for additional referral collateral designs coming out soon.

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  1. Dr. Steele says:

    Please add a function for us to include our telephone, address and website. A postscript at the bottom for expiration date and reminder that we offer instant gift certificates. Thanks!

  2. Please add the ability for us to include our phone, website and a postscript at the bottom for expiration date and reminder that we offer gift certificates.

  3. Antonette, we will get in touch to discuss this – thanks!

  4. Bonnie says:

    Ditto the above postings. It leaves potential clients having to 'look us up.'

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