Webinar VIDEO: Create Love for your Spa or Salon

January 29th, 2010 • Posted by Andrea Feucht • Permalink

A big "Thank you!" to those who attended our webinar on Tuesday.  If you couldn't make it, or you'd like to go over the materials again, we have a video of the whole session, as well as our presentation in pdf format (see below for the download link).

Or, download and follow along with our presentation [PDF]  Get Adobe® Reader®

Don't forget to give us a call for assistance with your Valentine's Day marketing ideas, how to use some of the features we've discussed, and ask any other questions you might have!

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  1. How can one post the Instant POP on their business facebook page under status/live feed? There are three choices already there: upload photo, post link, or add video. I tried via upload photo, but since the Instant POP is Adobe Acrobat I couldn't upload it — could it be transformed into jpeg at the last step where it allows you to view/print? Otherwise, I guess I'm going to have to print out, scan and then save as a jpeg.


    Dr. Steele

  2. Suzanne,

    Given that Facebook requires you to use an image, the best/fastest way is to grab some software that will let you save pdfs to images.

    Here's the best rated one that I've found, though you can always search for "convert pdf to jpg" on the web to find other options: e.g. Cool PDF Reader.

    PDFs as can be tricky to edit once created, but PDF was officially released as an open standard on July 1, 2008, so this is your best bet. Note: I use 3rd-party PDF software utilities, too!

  3. Thank you Andrea — I found SlideShare that can be viewed via LinkedIn and Facebook — upload once and gets to both sites and then if I can figure out how to use Twitter via LinkedIn — the Instant POP will be able to go to all the social media that I'm using at one time. Check in with me after Valentine's Day to see if it worked. :-)

  4. If you happen to use a Mac, the Preview.app can open a PDF and "Save As…" all the popular graphics formats.

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