Top 5 Ways to Waste Your Spa Marketing Dollars

November 3rd, 2009 • Posted by Spa Kat • Permalink


  1. Yellow Pages.
    This is a complete waste of your advertising budget and the paper it is written on. There are millions of Yellow Pages sitting in homes, in a drawer or closet, which will never be looked at and will end their days in landfills. The Yellow Pages are however an excellent resource for my grandmother, she likes to sit tall in her dining room chair.
  2. Hire an outside professional to Facebook/Twitter and blog for your spa.
    There are too many social media experts out there hoping to convince small businesses that your spa needs them. In reality, it is the spa community and the relationships your business develops using these tools that matter so hiring an outsider makes no sense for a small to medium spa.

    Jonathan Zadok, co-owner of the Coffee Groundz LLC in Houston, in a recent Wall Street Journal article, says he wouldn't pay another firm to blog on behalf of the four-year-old café.

    The idea with Twitter is that you get close to an immediate response," he says. With an in-house person handling it, "there's no middle man that has to go check with the company," he says. Wall Street Journal, Sarah E. Needleman
  3. Paid Directories.
    Why would a business pay to be on a directory when many free online directories offer so much more to businesses and consumers? It is always critical to know the online businesses you are working with and paying a directory with vague business practices to list your website could have SEO ramifications down the road. Check out Joy of Spa, it is a free directory for all SpaBoom spa clients. You are much better off proactively managing the links and content of your website to improve your search rankings.
  4. SEO professionals who promise to improve your search ranking in record time.
    SEO professionals are out there seeking your business every day. They like to use complex words and phrases like 'perform SEO Analysis', 'utilize complex algorithms', 'SEO site architecture' and promise to 'achieve optimal ranking' for your website. Paralyzed Yet? Crikey these snake oil promises are truly a detour in your efforts to improve your spa website’s ranking. Do some research and check out Google's take on SEO, and to see how your business currently ranks.
  5. Postage.
    This includes bulk mail, mailing gift cards, birthday/anniversary offers, promotional offers and invitations to spa events etc. Every year millions of trees are destroyed unnecessarily for large and small direct mail campaigns. That is just the beginning of bulk mail’s environmental impact to the planet. Mailing marketing material is also very expensive. In addition to postage, there are paper and printing costs involved. It is not necessary to cut out direct mail completely, just use it sparingly and when it is a uniquely appropriate vehicle for your marketing message.

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  1. I renewed my Yellow Pages ad again because it is my security blanket. As a sole practitioner, I felt it was important to be listed with the other massage therapists in the area. The .com version includes a link to my website which works well for me.

    I stopped using #2–5 a long time ago… actually since coming on board with SpaBoom in May of 2006.

  2. Many people are hesitant to kill their Yellow Pages out of fear. See the great article entitled Why are the Yellow Pages like Nursing Homes? pointing out that the average age of a Yellow Pages user is over 70. Unless seniors are your market you are probably wasting 70% of your Yellow Pages spending. The link back to your website is of very low value. You can get the same benefit (for free) from Google Local, Yahoo! Local, Bing/MSN and most other local business directories (we sometimes call those directories "IYPs" or Internet Yellow Pages"). See to kill four of those birds with a few clicks. The Yellow Pages business has little else to sell these days other than fear. Consequently we think of it as a security blanket and fear its loss rather than appreciate its benefit. Think of 2009 as Kindergarten. It's time to let go of that blanky and go on to the next grade. You will be fine, I promise. It won't help you make new friends nor will it go down the aisle with you.

  3. Okay. Since it is too late now (ink isn't even try on the contract!) I'll try and graduate for next year — will print this out and put in my "Yellow Pages" file for next year. :)

  4. Janet says:

    I finally let go of it this year. Just put the web address in the white pages. It is working just fine. Don't miss the yellow pages at all!

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